Thursday, 31 May 2012

Two beauitful girls...

Six years ago today I set eyes on my precious girls for the very first time. I remember being totally in awe and blown away by them. I had seen them literally time and time again on the multiple scans I had had in the months I carried inside, but seeing them for the first time was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my days.......

Two beauitful squigy wet brown haired little girls who God has blessed us with snuggled in their daddy's arms - tears rolling down both Steve and I's faces as we sat staring at them..... quite literally blown away - a picture that is a life long piece of artwork in my mind .

Such an incredibly precious time. God had given us these little miracles. They were perfect. Beautifully created and formed just as they were intended. They didn't look totally alike. Katelyn had a little pointy nose and very petit features - Neve had a rounder face and three cute wrinkles across her forehead - and they both had a fantastic set of froggy legs from being so tightly squashed inside!! 

Today its their 6th birthday! They are beyond excited!!! Life couldn't get any better than this day for them right now. But as I take a little time out of the celebrations to reflect I am astounded by the journey these two little ladies have come on. There have been many hard times, despairing moments amid many many giggles and hilarious moments but today most of all I am the proudest of Mum's at that the incredible little people they are becoming.

And as a way of celebrating who they've bcome here's a snapshot of the things I love about them most!

Neve Olivia..... she's our fun loving, quiet souled, adventurer!! Most people know her today for her love of sport , her competitiveness and how much energy she has but as her parents we get to see her quiet introverted side too - the combination of which makes her so unique and I love so much. She is competitive, strong willed, fired up, and has a huge sense of justice, whats right and wrong and strives to be the very best she can in whatever she puts her mind to. She loves to know how and why & is happy to be different. I love watching her as she's getting to know her maker too....I am repeatedly amazed  by the maturity in her relationship with God -  She loves to read her bible and discover interesting facts and wants to listen to God when she talks to Him. She's protective of her family and is heartbroken when relationships aren't as they should be. She loves to help out and grabs responsibility when she knows it important to take it on board (she's the oldest and knows it!).  She's a leader in the making, not the kind who wants to be up front all the time (she gets stage fright!!) but the kind who will lead from the ground and have crowds follow her, just because of who she is!  I love my beautiful beautiful girl.

Katelyn Ruth - she's my people loving, life's for singing about show girl! She's outgoing and friendly but not one to be walked over because she has a quick sharp side to her personality that means she can't be taken for a ride! She's has a huge heart and loves to help people -she wants the whole world to be happy.  She loves to sing and dance and act and make believe and is confident to be in the limelight. She's great at bringing 'one liners' to remind me what God says at crucial moments but more than anything when it comes to her journey with discovering God and who she is in Him, she LOVES to sing to him. All the time!! (As you can tell we have alot of singing in our house). She's a great helper and particularly when it comes to her little brothers - taking people under her wing,  looking after them and making them feel special is definitely where she thrives. She is fascinated by relationship and like her sister hates it when things aren't as they should be. And yet her unique combination that catches my attention so often is how she can go from the soul and life of a party to having incredible concentration for details - particularly when it comes to anything creative. She loves to write, bake, draw, paint, bake, cook and play with tiny things. I love my Beautiful beautiful girl.

Neve and Katelyn are two unique little people who have the incredible joy of being twins - they are different and yet so alike in so many ways -  there is something incredible about being an identical twin and I count it an absolute privilege to be their Mum.

Happy Birthday Neve and Katelyn!!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Everything I see is in colour

It's been a while.

Time has been passing. I've felt like I've been barely keeping up. Its like I've been on catch up. Not ahead of the game. It's like time is dictating to me, rather than me being on top, taking action..... 

I don't like it. I don't like being on catch up. I like to be intentional. Productive. Efficient. Efficient in the sense of time allowing for everything. Getting stuff done. Being quiet. Doing fun stuff. Smelling the roses. Laughter. Hugging my kids slowly. Tickling them till they can't stop laughing. Everything that makes life. But everything that allows me to live a full balanced life that allows me to be at my best. My very best. The best in the sense of being honest and relaxed. I don't like being in catch up mode.

And thats why its been a while. I haven't had the time or energy to get on here and write. Something I love to do. But today I made a decision.

I'm going to take action. I'm going to make the most of the moment right now. I'm going to find moments.

Two beautiful ladies who I have the privilege of calling my friends this weekend were away on a women's retreat. They knew I would have loved it but couldn't make it this time with still feeding my little Trae..... so what did they do..... they brought the retreat to me! On their return they came with a box of chocolates and little notes for each one. My instructions..... to grab moments in my busy week ahead to savor the chocolate and read the accompanying note. I did this today. It was a chaotic afternoon with four children who couldn't cope with the heat. I was having a moment when I thought 'HELP'..... and suddenly I remembered my chocolates!!! So hiding in my kitchen (heaven forbid the kids were going to get to share the chocs!!!!).... I took a moment and slowly ate my chocolate fudge dream, and was reminded that God knows all about me - my strength, my hidden weakness and is with me at ALL times - even in this choas!!! Just what I needed to hear. 

Hmmmmmm...... and breathe.  Suddenly I felt like I'd had a huge breathe of fresh air. Enough to keep swimming under water for the rest of the afternoon.  I went from seeing an a or b senario to seeing that there are loads of ways this afternoon could pan out but one's thing for sure I'm not on my own and I can choose to navigate my kids through it in such a way to see the good!

I guess if I'm honest one thing I dislike about when I feel like I'm on catch up is that everything becomes blurry....everything because a much of muchness....and I stop seeing the beauty that surrounds me daily...... the colour of life, the miracle of life, the preciousness of words or touch.......

Everything is black or white - there's no colour.

But I guess I'm learning anew again that if I embrace and savor my God who has made me, knows me intricately and insist that He is a non-negogiable in my day suddenly EVERYTHING is in COLOUR!

The world comes alive, 
you've opened my eyes,
 everything I see is in colour, 
no more black and white, 
becasue I've seen the light,
 everything I see is in colour.... (ben cantelon)

So if you are reading this - take action. Savor the moments. Run after them to stop amid whatever you are doing to hear God. To be amazed by Him. Be amazed by what surrounds you. Don't let business stop you from seeing the colour - don't become a black and white girl - SEE COLOUR!! Stop to smell the roses. Or maybe like me go give your kids a kiss, and stare at them while they sleep, marvel at the creation of life in them, their smell and all the intricate ways they were made...... or tomorrow do what my little boy did today..... pick up a buttercup and allow yourself to be blown away for a second. SEE the colour of life again!!! 

Take action. Don't play catch up any longer. Don't let your world be black or white. See everything in colour.