Saturday, 12 January 2013

So what happened to those Mulrooneys

I know it's been a while! Somehow time has slipped away the last few weeks with what has seemed like a crazy month of the 'holidays'....... Being in the states I've discovered having thanksgiving at the end of November means you live in holiday mode craziness for the whole month of December so honestly now I'm SO ready for some normal to resume!! How about you? I have a weird love hate relationship with holidays!!!

So I've been asked a few times how things are going? People 'missing my blogs' etc..... And so I apologise for being somewhat absent...... Honestly it comes from a season when I've gone to put fingers to keys and been at a blank.... There's just been so much going on, I've found it hard to navigate through it all to figure out what's going on which has lead to silence....... And I'm still there really but as I know it's been a while since I updated people I'll give a overview update on what's been happening..... Starting with the kids..... So

Neve - she is doing well at school and is absolutely loving being on the 'blazers' basketball team.... Practise wed night, game on sat. She made her first basket in a victorious moment during a game a couple weeks ago which made her very happy. She loves that her Dad is a coach too! She did brilliantly playing 'generosity' in her Christmas play at church and looked stunningly beautiful for her Christmas program at school too - she embraced wearing a cute little skirt for the occasion - true to her personality she loves to surprise us!!

Katelyn - has been quite the social girl loving meeting new people. She's embracing all things American, pretzels being her new snack of choice! She's also doing well at school, plays basketball and loved both her Christmas play and program at school where you could hear her beautiful British
singing voice stand out above the crowds! We are currently looking into finding some singing/music lessons as she seems to really love this creative outlet.

A huge highlight for both girls has been to live daily life with their cousins here- this weekend the girls had their first sleepover together and I think it's the first of many to come (:

Cohen - is a much happier camper since our stuff arrived just three days before Christmas! He's noticeable more settled and less emotional now he has all his favorite things around him. He still asks regularly when we will have our own house with no people in it but less often than a few weeks ago..... Cohen is growing up so fast at the minute, making his wishes known and bringing laughter and smiles to our family daily with his delight of singing ( anytime of the day or night?!). Tonight as I sit to finish up this blog I'm in the hospital with him where he is fast asleep after he had a tonsillectomy/ear tube surgery for which we are grateful for the relief it will bring him.

Trae - is our uh uh uh uh uh boy!!!!! We long for this boy to get some words but they are slow in arrival despite his smart quick understanding about everything that's going on around him (: aside from our desire of some more words he's doing really well..... He loves being around his cousins, climbing on anything in sight and getting outdoors as much as possible.

As for steve and I well .......Steve continues to work with Hilferty construction whihc keeps him physically fit as its like a work out for 8 hours a day and he loving being home around his family and reconnecting with old friends but definitely misses the familirity of long term friends and community in york.

I'm finally catching myself having moments where somethings don't feel quite so weird anymore which is good and strange at the same time...... It's been a very mixed couple of months for me ( I could definitely at times be described as an basketcase with the ups and downs, the good, hard, teared filled, laughing, joyful, lonely, family filled moments that have filled the last two months). The struggles coming mainly from not having our own home to 'settle' in and being presented with a blank canvas after a pretty full packed focus driven life in York. It's been good for me/us and although hard. I know it's actually a precious gift honestly to be able to sit back and assess what we want, what God wants for us and would have us do as a family and individuals. It's really been a season that could be described as 'blind obedience' - we know God was clear in leading us to the states, so we were obedient but we don't know all the whys or what's or how's. When we fall into our natural ways of thinking it can be hard to live in this season, but we have been learning more and more about how God longs just to 'be' with us and learning to be more than ok with Him having those answers that He will reveal in His perfect timing!
So we still have lots of unknowns that we are praying/working on and would love if you could pray for us in too.....the main ones for right now being:
1. Finding a home that we can move into at the right price, right school district/catchment, housing area.
2. Steve to find a job that he would love to do long term that comes with health insurance
3. The right School long term for the kids
4. In all these understanding what Gods heart for us being here is, so that we can serve him wherever he wants us to get stuck in!!
And so i'll stop there! We're excited for the 2013 and all it will bring and know one highlight will be to welcome our first sets of English visitors in the next few months!!!!!!