Friday, 8 November 2013


Its been a week of reflection in this house. I was reading over this blog I wrote a year ago. Taking stock. If you take a read you'll see its called 'I'm not a superhuman!'. It was just some honest reflections in the last few days before we sold our house in England and made our move across the ocean....... as I read it again I realised that every single one of the fears I laid out in the blog post has in reality come true in some form or another.......well almost.......'all' except one! It was the last one - that I wasn't strong enough..... That I was afraid of 'not being strong enough' to make it through all the fears I had in my heart for the year ahead.....

BUT actually I was! I have been.......strong enough that is! Not on my own strength. Not without people to walk beside us. Not without a big and loving detailed God who cares enough to be our Strength when we are in fact utterly weak and have nothing left.

Sometimes its just good for the soul to take stock of these simple facts.......makes me wanna shout from the rooftops just how thankful I am for knowing Jesus...... so so so thankful......... because without Him I wonder how we would have weathered this last year........And sometimes its good to just to lay it out..... and say it as it truly is. Thankful.

Thats all.

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